Amendment 7, how to pay for transportation?

St. Louis, MO - How to pay for the upkeep of Missouri's roads and bridges? It's a question that will be answered Tuesday.

"Our group, we want good transportation but this, this is just not the way to do it," says Tom Shrout with Missourians for Better Transportation Solutions.

He says a sales tax is not the way to raise transportation money.

Amendment 7 would raise state sales tax three-quarters of a cent, giving MoDot 480 million dollars a year.

Shrout says instead of a sales tax what about a user or gas tax?

Representative Dave Hinson of District 119, who sponsored Amendment 7, says the gas tax would have to double.

"Would be about an 18 cent increase per gallon if we were trying to raise the amount of money that we are doing now," says Rep. Hinson.

With the proposed sales tax increase:

Saint Louis would increase from 8.67% -- 9.42%

Florissant would increase from 8.11% -- 8.86%

and Webster Groves from 8.61% -- 9.36%

"Everyone uses transportation whether they physically ride in a car or not because their medications their food are brought across the Missouri highway or bridge," says Rep. Hinson.

"I think the package is a little too much on the too expensive too much on roads and not enough on the other modes of transportation," says Shrout.

Representative Hinson says counties and cities will have access to some money.

"Mayor Slay has pledged that they are going to use it to upgrade Metrolink they are going to use to it upgrade Metrobuses, for bicycle paths and pedestrian sidewalks," says Rep. Hinson.

If the measure doesn't pass on Tuesday Representative Hinson says MoDot will be at a standstill in a few years with the uncertainty of federal funding.

If the measure does pass, MoDot could begin work next year.


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