And the race is on: "I know where Charlie Dooley lives"

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley filed for his reelection campaign Tuesday. Shortly after, he fired the opening shot against his challenger in the Democratic primary, County Council member Steve Stenger.

In a radio interview on KMOX, Dooley raised the issue of Stenger's official home residence but when pressed for specifics by Kevin Killeen, the county executive backed away from a full accusation and invited others to look into it.

Here's a transcript of the exchange:

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley: "But let me say this and I want you to figure this out. Everybody knows where Charlie Dooley lives. There's no question about where I live. Now you figure that out."

KMOX's Kevin Killeen: "Are you saying we don't know where Steve Stenger lives?"

Dooley: "I'm just saying I know where Charlie Dooley lives."

Killeen: "Where does Steve Stenger live?"

Dooley: "I have no idea."

Killeen: "Are you raising that issue in the campaign?"

Dooley: "I'm going to say it again. I know where Charlie Dooley lives."

Killeen: "Now, now do you mean that poetically, that you know who Charlie Dooley is? Or you know where his address is?"

Dooley: "I know where he lives literally."

Killeen: "Alright, so you're saying we should look into where Steve Stenger lives."

Dooley: "I'm going to say it again. I know literally where Charlie Dooley lives (says home street address). For forty years."

Killeen: "Alright so you're saying you're a man of the people."

County Council member Steve Stenger told KMOX he lives in Affton. The Democratic primary for in the St. Louis County Excecutive's race is in August.


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