Battle of expert witnesses in the sex discrimination suit

ST. LOUIS - Francine Katz's executive compensation expert was paid $100,000 for his analysis and testified that Katz's pay should have been benchmarked against top public relations, the company president, and general counsel.

According to testimony, if those jobs were blended together, Katz would have been entitled to an additional $9,000,000.

On Monday, the defense's expert witness, who was paid $300,000 for her analysis, said that Katz's experts were wrong. In fact, Yvonne Chen said Katz was compensated appropriately as a top level public relations executive. Chen added, the man Katz replaced, John Jacob served on Anheuser-Busch's board of directors and that was highly unusual.

During some contentious testimony, Katz's attorney, Donna Harper, showed it wasn't that unusual after all for certain employees to serve on corporate boards. She cited several peer corporations that were similar.

Harper also used Chen to show another discrepancy. When Busch Creative was sold, it did not affect John Jacob's salary even though it was no longer his responsibility.

Yet, the company used the fact that Busch Creative didn't transfer to Katz as one reason why she was paid lower than Jacob.

Katz is suing the company for sex discrimination saying she was paid significantly less than the top male executives. Anheuser-Busch contends her salary review went through a rigorous gender neutral process.

The defense continues its case Tuesday. Closing statements could come Wednesday or Thursday.


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