Board backs teen's right to park truck in drive

WILDWOOD, Mo. - The saying may be apple pie and Chevrolet, but for 17-year-old Matt Perry, a 1965 Ford pickup as a first set of wheels is pretty American, too.

And almost like he's from another era, the A student worked two jobs to pay the $8,500 price.

"Paid the taxes and the insurance myself," said Perry.

"He's not like most kids who expect you to give you things," said his mother Lauren. "He earns them."

But recently, the Lafayette senior worried he could face an almost un-American fine: $25 a night, more than $9,000 a year, for where he parks his truck.

"One of the neighbors came by and said he could call the police and get the truck towed because we were parking it in the driveway," said Perry.

A Valley View subdivision rule that is said to be from the '70s says no trucks in the driveway. And Perry says the nearly 50-year-old F-100 won't fit in his parents garage alongside either of their vehicles.

But while some neighbors may not like the sight of Perry's pickup parked outside, he may have allies in the board of trustees.

Board member Scott Thomas describes the Valley View subdivision as "friendly" and says he and the other board members "want to keep it that way."

After a vote by neighbors failed to reach the super majority required to change the parking rules, Perry thought he was defeated. But Thomas says there is still time, an indefinite amount of time, to win more votes.

He says the board intentionally left the deadline for homeowners to vote open-ended in hopes of tallying more votes. Thomas also says the board sent out two letters in support of a rule change allowing pickup trucks in driveways, one in response to an anti-pickup letter circulated by a resident.

Thomas says if the new rules are adopted commercial vehicles will still be prohibited from parking in driveways. He suggests Perry campaign in the neighborhood for the approximately 40 more votes he needs. Thomas also points for more than a year Perry has parked his pickup in his driveway and the board has not fined him.

Perry is already using a Facebook page to try to drum up support for his cause.


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