Brother of slain bystander: "The violence has got to stop"

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Police are still searching for the gunman who shot down four people Sunday afternoon in the Fairgrounds Park neighborhood.

Two of those shot down have died from their injuries and another remains in critical condition.

Now the families of the victims are picking up the pieces of losing their loved ones.

The family of 51-year-old Clara Walker is devastated. They say they've lost an angel and a cornerstone of the family.

All for what? They claim it was retaliation gunfire.

Walker lived here on Peck Street near Fairgrounds Park, and it was here that she tragically lost her life in what police are calling a senseless shooting.

"Bury my mom from a gunshot?" questions Carla Williams, Walker's daughter. "For what? What did they accomplish for this?"

Clara Walker was inside her apartment Sunday afternoon with two of her sons.

The family says they were in a back room when they heard the shots fired. She walked to the front of the apartment, toward the street, where a SUV was parked. This was the intended target.

Walker looked out the window and was hit by a bullet. Police say the gunman was shooting at another man running in front of her apartment.

Her sons rushed to her side and put pressure on the wound.

"What they did, what they tried to do to help her," Williams said.

"It was very courageous and very brave of them," says Felisha Williams, another daughter of Walker's.

The family rushed to the hospital hoping to see her.

"We waited for hours, and then they came and told us that they sent her away to the medical examiner hours ago, so we never got the chance to see her," Carla said.

Walker was a mom to nine and a grandma to 10.

"She loved her grandkids to death and loved her family loved being around them and loved cooking, playing cards," Carla said.

The day before she was shot, the whole family was together for a birthday, and 24 hours later they were together again, but mourning the loss of a life taken so suddenly.

"The violence has got to stop, too many lives are being taken, innocent lives and even the ones that are involved it ain't worth it, let it go," says Walker's brother Danny Williams.

The family says funeral arrangements for Walker will be held next week.


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