Captain Johnson says agencies need better communication

ST. LOUIS - The man charged with keeping the streets of Ferguson safe was walking those streets Friday evening.

Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is trying to diffuse some of the tensions he fears were stirred up with release of the robbery report Friday morning.

Captain Johnson is the head peace-keeper in Ferguson, he's also the head public relations officer. He arrived in Ferguson Friday evening and was quickly surrounded by protesters and members of the media.

The captain burst on the scene Thursday night and contributed to the first peaceful night since demonstrations started. Any bandage he put on the wound last night was ripped off Friday morning.

Anger and mistrust were renewed in the community when the Ferguson Police Department released the information about the robbery Michael Brown was a suspect in the same day he was killed. Johnson says he needed to be there to be accountable to the community.

Five on Your Side's Mike Rush asked him: "The way the Ferguson Police Department released the information this morning, does that undermine your efforts for peace?

Johnson: I think it creates some challenges. It definitely creates some challenges.

Rush: What kind?

Johnson: It raises emotions. You know, yesterday we talked about trust and we need to continue that and we need to be clear, if we're going to release some information, it needs to be clear."

Rams Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams was also walking along West Florissant Friday evening. Williams is a pastor in this community and says he's here to listen and to help.


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