Chesterfield mayor pushes for move to St. Charles County

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - Chesterfield's mayor wants to take his city and run.

Mayor Bob Nation told the city council Monday night that they need to have serious conversations about bolting from St. Louis County to St. Charles County.

This is all because of a battle over sales tax revenue.

Mayor Nation says Chesterfield is paying too much into a pool of money that's redistributed in St. Louis County, and not getting its fair share back.

With the addition of the two new outlet malls, he says Chesterfield is projecting $14.5 million in sales tax revenue this year. But with the way the current sales tax pool is set up, the city will only keep about $6.4 million of that.

He says he has no problem the pool but he wants to cap contributions to the pool at 50-percent.

"St. Louis County has been unwilling to be supportive of even a modest, minor adjustment to the current system that would help Chesterfield and a half a dozen other cities while not negatively impacting any other city to any meaningful degree at all," Nation said.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann says it would be an uphill battle. St. Louis County Council would have to put it on the ballot, and St. Louis County voters would have to say yes.

"I can only speculate as to how they would feel about this. But I know if St. Peters wanted to de-annex and go into St. Louis County, we'd fight like hell to keep them here," Ehlmann said. "And I assume that's what the people of St. Louis County would do should they ever get a chance to vote on this."

St. Charles County voters would also have to sign off on accepting Chesterfield.


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