Cold temps causing smells at Bridgeton landfill

BRIDGETON, Mo. (KSDK) - Consider this an odor alert. Bridgeton Landfill officials say right now, the infamous smell is back.

It's due to the cold temperatures, which are causing issues with the landfill's infrastructure.

"Icky, it smells like garbage," said Pamela Whitaker, who works near the site.

It's an issue that's been going on for more than a year - a stinky smell surrounding the Bridgeton landfill.

The smell is actually garbage on fire underground in the landfill.

Residents have been dealing with it as the owners of the property work to cap the fire and add 40 new gas wells in hopes reduce the smell, which has sort of been working.

"Even if it was good weather in the winter, when you have that smell, it just not pleasant to go outside," said neighbor Bob Nowlin.

Now the extremely cold temperatures have damaged parts of the gas extraction system.

Workers are repairing that, but in the meantime this was put out an Odor Alert, something those living and working around the landfill didn't expect.

"Because the air is normally thin, you kind of get by with a lot of smells, but yeah you can smell it," Whitaker said.

"It's been pretty bad and even when the snow was falling down, the other day you could still smell it when you stick our head out the window or the door you could smell that and you knew exactly what it was," said Nowlin, who lives just southwest of the landfill. "At times its been bad enough to cause you to just kind of choke your eyes to water so it's not a pleasant experience."

A spokesperson for the landfill says the work to finish the repairs should be completed soon.

The 40 new wells should be fully installed by April.

Alert from Bridgeton Landfill:

BRIDGETON, MO (Jan. 7, 2014): The Bridgeton Landfill, LLC team extended yesterday's odor alert into

today as it continues to make repairs to the gas extraction system. These repairs may cause a potential

for off-site detection of odor.

This information has been provided to both MDNR and St. Louis County. We appreciate your patience

during this time. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-855-807-2387.

Statement from Bridgeton Landfill Spokesperson:

"The Bridgeton Landfill team is working to make repairs to systems that have been damaged or otherwise affected by the extreme and extended cold temperatures. We should be finished soon. We appreciate our neighbors' patience during this time."


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