Confidential bonuses made public in Katz v. A-B trial

ST. LOUIS - Day four of the Francine Katz sex discrimination case against Anheuser-Busch revealed confidential bonuses given to top executives at the time of the InBev buy out.

The documents showed that Francine Katz and Marlene Coulis, the only women on Anheuser-Busch's strategy committee in 2008, received lower bonuses than men. Katz testified that Anheuser-Busch President Dave Peacock helped structure a tiered system for the buyout and when documents became public, she learned the men on the strategy committee were considered tier one, while the women on the strategy committee were considered tier two.

In a cross-examination, Anheuser-Busch's chief legal counsel Jim Bennet showed different numbers. He showed that Katz's salary was worth 116 percent of the "market rate" for her job as a top spokeswoman for the company. That rate was higher than 13 men on A-B's strategy committee, he said.

Jurors also heard a portion of a videotaped deposition of John Jacob, the man who mentored Katz and recommended her as his replacement. He testified that she was the best person to succeed him saying, "She was just flat out good at what she did."

While Katz's salary was benchmarked against other public relations executives at large companies, Jacob's salary was benchmarked at 50 percent of August Busch III's salary.

Jacob said, "August depended on my council and advice. That was very unique…I did not believe August used anyone in the same capacity he used me."

The strategy committee at Anheuser-Busch was the most important committee in the corporation, staffed by 15 to 20 of the highest level executives.

For the first time, the confidential bonuses given to those committee members after the InBev buyout was made public in court. Attorneys for Anheuser-Busch argued unsuccessfully to keep this information out.

Total 2008 Strategy Committee bonus after InBev sale is as follows:

August Busch IV $9,159,379

W. Randolph Baker $2, 381, 438

Douglas Muhleman $1,996,744

Dave Peacock $1,831,875

Michael Owens $1,740,282

John Kelly $1,447,182

Keith Kasen $1,282,313

Thomas Santel $1,282,313

Joseph Castellano $1,099,125

John T. Farrell$1,099,125

Robert Lachky $1,062,488

Michael Harding $1,025,850

Anthony Ponturo $970,894

Stephen Burrows $915,938

John Serbia $860,981

Francine Katz $824,344

Marlene Coulis $732,750


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