Cyclist claims driver pushed him off road

O'FALLON, Ill. - A heated run-in between a bicyclist and driver in the Metro East leaves the cyclist injured. He claims the driver pushed him off the road, but the driver has a different version. The driver says the cyclist started it.

The cyclist says the driver was provoking him and his fellow riders for more than a mile.

"It's a very upsetting situation, mainly because your life is being threatened," said Jon Greenstreet, co-owner of Bike Surgeon and fellow cyclist.

James Lewallen, 21, says he was hit by a truck Tuesday night when he was on a group ride along north Lincoln Avenue in O'Fallon, Illinois.

"White truck came on our left side screaming at us, get off of his roads and we said we can be on the road, share the road," said Lewallen.

He says the man kept speeding up, slowing down and swerving into their group.

"When the truck was coming over I put my left hand on it to defend myself because the curb is right here and with the force of the truck just going like that, just hitting me and my handle bars turning that way and I fell that way," he said.

Now Lewallen has scrapes and bruises on his body and $4,000 worth of damage to his bike.

The driver didn't want to go on camera, but did admit he slowed down in front of the cyclists after they put up their middle fingers and called him a name. He says they pounded on the sides of his truck, so he drove off and when he looked back he saw a cyclist fall to the ground.

Lewallan says he won't let this get him down, but hopes this incident raises awareness about sharing the road.

"They are not super villains dressed in spandex, let's not treat them like that," said Greenstreet.

O'Fallon police say they are investigating the incident and have made no arrests. The lieutenant NewsChannel 5 spoke to on the phone said he expects charges will be filed, but would not elaborate.


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