Dr. Art McCoy tells voters to hold officials accountable

KSDK - We're hearing from Dr. Art McCoy for the first time since resigning as Ferguson-Florissant Schools superintendent.

McCoy spoke to supporters at a Get Out The Vote Rally Saturday.

"What we wanted to happen today is to make sure the voters are engaged in the process, and letting them know just how important the midterm elections are. Of course we've had a number of issues with some of the school districts, the school board," organizer Ethel Byndom said.

The main board Byndom refers to is Ferguson-Florissant. When that board suspended then-Superintendent Dr. Art McCoy in November, they gave three different reasons but didn't to go into much detail. But a letter we got from the district through a Sunshine Act request may shed a little light.

The district reported a violation to the U.S. Department of Education of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), claiming McCoy gave his access credentials to former board member Jim Clark that gave him access to all student educational records and assessment data. The district says McCoy then had someone in the IT department give Clark his own credentials.

We've spoken with several McCoy supporters who say this was part of a witch hunt.

"It's not about hatred for Art McCoy, but it's hatred sometimes for what you stand for. And that's even worse than hating you, hating what you stand for? That's hating your past, hating your future, hating what your purpose is," McCoy told the crowd Saturday.

Clark allegedly accessed MAP testing data and board materials on two separate occasions. The Board reported this about two weeks after suspending McCoy. He maintains he did nothing wrong, and urges voters across the county, to hold every single elected official accountable in all county elections.

"I'm not running for office. I'm standing for what's right and I'm speaking truth to you. It doesn't matter who gets in office, you own them," McCoy says. "It doesn't matter if the people who love you get elected or not, they are public servants. You tell them 'come serve me.'"

Dr. McCoy wouldn't talk to us one on one on camera, citing restrictions laid out in the separation agreement between he and the district.


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