Driver stranded on I-70 east of Effingham

EFFINGHAM, Ill. - Being stuck at home in this weather is one thing, but imagine spending hours stuck on the road.

It happened to several drivers late Sunday night on Interstate 70 outside of Effingham, Ill. Daniel Kallion says he was on his way to St. Louis from Ohio when an accident brought everything to a stand-still.

He and others had no choice but to sit it out right there in the snow, for hours.

"I ran out of water. I wasn't necessarily dehydrated, but I just wanted to make sure I was drinking some, so I walked over with a bottle, scooped a bunch of snow in there, and let it melt so I had a little bit of water to drink. The other guys, they all had enough water to get them through, so we were good on that end," said Kallion. "At about 4:45 a.m. police actually came down the eastbound side, two police officers in their vehicles, and they were coming over, stopping every 100 yards, coming over and knocking on everyone's windows and let everyone know that traffic was going to pick up in just a little bit."


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