Ex-gang member turns his life around

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - One man from the Fairground Park neighborhood who used to be a gang member has turned his life around.

A 38-year-old ex gang member is now off the streets after spending decades involved in criminal behavior.

Demetrie Fisher, 38, has gone through some experiences. He sold drugs on the street starting when he was only 13, been shot ar and been to prison. Now, he's put that behind him.

"I was shot in the streets trying to do things my way and what goes around comes around," said Fisher, who admits nothing nothing can stop him now.

He's a success story that hails from north St. Louis.

He has been a drug dealer and gang member for most his life.

"Probably just my environment, what I saw coming up what I saw my uncles and brothers doing, it was just like a chain reaction," he said.

He believes that's still the problem.

His time on the streets led to jail time, illegal weapons and being shot at.

He was in and out of prison and told himself while he was inside that he was going to change, but he didn't.

"I thought I had it in my mind what I was going to do this time when I got out, and it wasn't like that, it wasn't like that when I got back out I felt like I had something to prove," he said.

Then several months ago, he says he looked in the mirror and wanted to change.

His girlfriend Nicole Mcculley says now he's an inspiration for others.

"Seeing that some of us can get out and that's not that we are trying to get out of where we come from, but we can make our neighborhoods proud," she said.

Fisher says when he was a kid on the streets fights meant with fists now fights are with bullets.

"Are we in a war in our own city?" he said. "So right now it's going to start with a movement, it's going to have to be a strong movement."

He says either we have to come together or have to hope that others follow in his footsteps.

"There ain't no way out, there really ain't no way out until you change your mindset," he says.

What's next for Fisher? College.

He's looking at some schools now and excited to have finally received his GED.


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