Ex-Illinois state trooper denied driver's license appeal

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. (KSDK) – A former Illinois State trooper who is convicted of killing two teenagers six years ago has lost his most recent appeal to reinstate his driver's license.

The Illinois Secretary of State's office denied former trooper Matt Mitchell's fourth appeal to regain his driver's license, according to Kim Sclau.

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Mitchell said in his November appeal hearing that he needed his license to work and support his family. Mitchell apologized to the family and took full responsibility for the accident during the hearing. He and his attorney requested his license to be reinstated or at least given a restricted license so he could find work and be able to transport his daughter to and from school.

Mitchell killed Jessica and Kelli Uhl in November 2007 after driving 126 mile per hour while talking on his cell phone on Interstate 64. He crossed the median and hit the sisters' car.

He lost his license after pleading guilty to reckless homicide and was sentenced to 20 months' probation.

RELATED: Ex-Illinois state trooper Matt Mitchell denied appeal for driver's license

Brian Uhl, the father of the sisters, spoke on behalf of the family at the hearing and asked that Mitchell's license not be reinstated. Uhl said that the family doesn't believe that the former trooper has taken full responsibility for his actions, and the family has not forgiven him for his actions.


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