Fair St. Louis - New location, new parking rules

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - We are just days away from Fair St. Louis in its new location at Forest Park, which means it's time to start thinking about transportation.

Those who live in the area surrounding the park are cautiously excited about the festival.

It's a St. Louis tradition that for the first time will not be held under the Gateway Arch.

"I was actually really excited because I love Forest Park and I think its going to draw more people than the downtown area would," says resident Caroline Delaney.

Fair St. Louis is coming to Forest Park and with it will come the crowds.

"I am actually supposed to work half the weekend so that's what I am nervous about is getting in and out of the neighborhood," Delaney says.

She and other Dogtown neighborhood residents worry about their everyday lives. How will the fair affect traffic? Noise? Parking?

"I can barely find parking now as it is, and then I just...I don't want to have to walk far to my house, no one wants to do that," says Kacey Santy, who also lives in Dogtown.

The organizers of Fair St. Louis say street parking inside and outside of the park will not be tolerated.

Many of the residential streets will be open *only* to local traffic.

The Fair St. Louis website identifies dozens of city blocks around Forest Park that will be closed during the event. Organizers say there are 25,000 free and paid parking spots, including many at the Saint Louis Zoo.

"We are not sure what's going to happen, this is brand new to everybody so, it's really going to be trial and error and learn what you can learn and do better next time," says Wyndel Hill, Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Saint Louis Zoo.

He says parking in the north and south lots will be $30 per car, the same cost as the premium parking inside Forest Park.

Just across the highway, businesses like Paraquad are opening its lots and making a little cash.

"Every time someone parks in our lot, $3 of the $15 will be benefiting people with disabilities in St. Louis," says Aimee Wehmeier the Executive Director of Paraquad.

"I just really hope that folks remember that this is our neighborhood and these are our yards and we plant flowers and we have animals and kids," says Dogtown resident Lynn Barts.

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