Families forced out of their apartments again

ST. ANN, Mo. - More than a dozen families forced out of their apartments by a fire 11 days ago moved back in Tuesday, only to be forced out again Tuesday night.

The residents are waiting for the City of St. Ann to do an inspection. The attorney for the apartment complex tells NewsChannel 5 the majority of the residents of the 161 units are back home now, but he says some of the units are still too dirty to live in.

"I'm just going to go out to the parking lot, sit in my truck and think, we don't really have anywhere else we can go," said Christine Record.

Tecord says after 11 days of living in a motel, she got word Tuesday morning that she could move back home. Until she found a sign on her door, posted by apartment management.

"You may only enter your apartment between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.," the sign reads.

The attorney for the complex says residents of 17 units cannot stay Tuesday night. Those apartments still have to be inspected by the City of St. Ann because they were too dirty, even before the fire. James Trousdale says his apartment wasn't dirty until the fire restoration company came in.

"The moldings off the walls, holes in the walls, you kicking me out? I didn't do this," he said.

He says one more night away from home is going to hurt his budget. The same goes for Dennis Politte.

"I've been able to in the last couple of months be able to save a little bit of money, that went," he said.

Robert Long says he's got a place to stay whether the management likes it or not.

"I'm fixing to go back upstairs and lay down, my back is hurting anyway," he said.

Some of the residents are staying the night in their cars in the parking lot. The attorney says he hopes to have the residents back in their apartments tomorrow after the city inspects.


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