Father cut off from family during protest

FERGUSON, Mo. - Walking home to his Ferguson home in the middle of chaos was hell for Karon Johnson.

Tear gas, the sound of bombs, and heavily armored men surrounded his street. He couldn't get home to his six day old baby and wife. He felt like he was in Baghdad.

"A swat team member told me to get the f back, as I'm doing this he threw a tear gas bomb at me, my eyes were burning I couldn't see anything. A couple of people helped me," said Johnson.

"I was trapped in my apartment, I was hearing the bombs blow and I was really afraid to be there by myself with my new born and my one year old," his wife said.

"All roads home were barricaded. I was thinking I was giving my children a better life and it's not a better life. We're innocent people, we're just trying to make a living when you hear of Ferguson you don't think of all this violence," Johnson said.

The looting last Sunday made it harder for him to buy groceries. Many stores still haven't restocked and now they have to close early because of the protests. He is suffering in other ways too.

"I'm getting cut from work because I'll have to leave early. I don't get to work a full 8 hour shift and I'm on a bus. I'm worried about my family getting to my newborn," said Johnson.

"I'm on nobody's side, not the police side, not the protesters side, I just feel like people need to do it peacefully," said his wife Tadria Anderson.

The couple moved into the Canfield apartments where Mike Brown was shot a week ago. They say they can't move out. They won't get their damage deposit or rent back.


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