Ferguson art project fosters hope

Ferguson (KSDK) – As protesters and members of the press trickle out of W. Florissant, the focus among the hometown crowd has changed from keeping the peace, to enacting long-term change.

One symbol of that change, is a community 'bucket list' posted at the heart of the protest area. Written on the list are wishes such as 'see the young get old before they die,' and 'equality for everyone.'

The wishes are posted on makeshift chalkboards, nailed up on what used to be Ponderosa Steakhouse. The graffiti formerly displayed on the building has been blacked out. And, the message is clear: the project is not about what has been, but what could be.

"When all this is gone, they can take the posters down, it doesn't matter. Because, it's going to be in their heart," said Dellwood resident Sharon Otis.

It will take heart and hard work to make the change that some say they are already starting to see.

"I've lived here my whole life, and to see people out here supporting each other…" said Ferguson resident Krescent Sims.

"It's pretty much showing us a different side to St. Louis that I've never seen before," Ferguson teen Deshawn Price said.

And, that togetherness is what is fostering the hope that something good will come after the shootings, and looting and violence.

"I think we'll get to a new normal. It'll be something different," said Sims, who added, that different may very well be a good thing. "I think Ferguson will be fine."

It is not clear who posted the 'Before I Die' posters on the building. The campaign is part of a much bigger, as similar posters have been popping up around the world.


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