Ferguson October gathering at Chaifetz arena

ST. LOUIS - Hundreds gathered at Chaifetz arena for a #FergusonOctober event Sunday night.

Leaders from across the country spoke to the crowd including members of the NAACP and other civil rights leaders.

It was a peaceful night at the arena, but some in the crowd did get fired up calling not just to talk to talk, but walk the walk.

At one point the speakers even welcomed some in the crowd down to the stage to speak at the podium.

"What do we do with this platform, what are we really doing with it besides creating awareness, we have all recognized this as an issue we are here together, clearly we see there is an issue, but what is the follow up?" a member of the crowd said. "What is our plan? Where is our action? Our words, we have to put actions to them so what's the next step?"

Religious leaders of all faiths were part of the service Sunday night, some local some from Boston and Detroit.

There were prayers, songs and chants, all asking for peace and justice.

Many of the speakers encouraging the youth to hit the streets and protest peacefully using civil disobedience.

An NAACP leader saying their fight is not over until justice is found.

Civil rights leader Dr. Cornel West making a call for action.

"How do we ensure that we love the young folk enough?" West said. "That we can heal their wounds and their scars and their bruises, but do it in such a way that we respect them, do it in such a way that we correct them, and do it in such a way that they speak back to us with dignity because we got some shortcomings, we got some failures too. That's the coming together, that's what's necessary."


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