Ferguson residents cope with shooting aftermath

FERGUSON, Mo. - The activity surrounding the Mike Brown shooting is having a domino effect on some Ferguson residents.

Titilayl Blanchard, who depends on public transportation, said she was fired from her job at a St. Louis nursing home because she couldn't get to work due to protesters.

Blanchard lives in the Canfield Green Apartments. After officers used tear gas and rubber bullets earlier in the week, Blanchard said she feared her safety and didn't feel comfortable walking to the bus stop. Plus, she said some of the buses were not operating.

"It has been really hard because we get blocked in at night," she said. "If you don't have a car it is even more dangerous."

A spokesperson with Bi-State Development Agency told KSDK the No. 74 Florissant MetroBus route, which serves West Florissant, is being rerouted until 5 a.m. Sunday. It has been rerouted off and on for the past few days.

Blanchard, who works a night shift, said her manager said her absence was unfair to residents at the nursing home.

"She was asking like 'can you get to work tonight' and I was like, 'I don't know,' so the safest thing for me to do is stay in the house," Blanchard said.

Managers at the nursing home weren't available to talk about Blanchard's status of employment.

Rev. Jesse Jackson learned of the incident at today's vigil and believes the problem can be solved.

"That seems to be a hostile work environment. The ministers in this community will address that," he said. "Most people in this community do not feel that way."

Blanchard says despite losing her job, her suffering is nothing compared to the Brown family.

Saturday people from as far away as New York prayed for the family moments before a march led by Rev. Jackson.

Members of Veterans for Peace served as Grand Marshall.

Tarak Kauff, a veteran from New York, said he marched with Jackson in the 60s. He likened the killing of Mike Brown to a war on African-American men. When asked if today's march would make

"We have to continue the actions in order to change. It has to be sustainable," he said. "It is not just a one time event. There is deep rooted change that needs to be made in this country. "


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