Fight over University City road repair

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. - University City tax payers may get stuck with a winter bill they had nothing to do with.

For the past four months, a dangerous ice pool has been forming on Pershing Avenue, just east of N. Hanley Road. Neighbors say the source of the water is from a burst pipe in a nearby home. The water never stopped dripping, so the pools never stopped forming.

Because of the safety risk to drivers, the city began scraping the ice pools as often as once a week. They piled the debris of ice, mud and asphalt on a nearby street island. But the crews had to repeat the scraping so often, the pile now stands five feet in height, and oozes over the existing island.

In addition to the eyesore, the street in front of the home is all torn up and needs repair. Neighbors don't think University City residents should have to pay for the repairs.

So who is responsible?

According to public records, the foreclosed home is owned by First Community Credit Union. A spokesperson confirmed pipes burst in the home this past January, but the water was immediately turned off. Any additional pooling is not their responsibility.

University City officials say Missouri American Water confirmed its pipes were not leaking . So now, the city has to hire someone to find the source of the leak.

If the findings are not conclusive, University City tax payers will likely have to foot the bill.


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