Former Serco employee describes company as 'hell hole'

WENTZVILLE, Mo. - NewsChannel 5 is digging deeper into startling accusations of federally contracted employees in Wentzville paid with taxpayer's money to essentially do nothing. They were hired to process Obamacare paperwork.

Serco is the company employing about 660 people. It's a pretty nice building but one former worker referred to it as "the hell hole."

The employee doesn't want to be identified, but she says she worked for five months doing phone support, calling people who left something off their applications. Like the paper processors, she says the work was light. Even so, she says Serco did everything in its power to make sure employees were there and on time.

The former worker says managers stood at the doors in the morning, and if someone was even one minute late for a shift, it was documented. After seven times, she says an employee would be fired.

She says in December employees offered to leave work when there was nothing to do, and give up their pay for the day, so they could go Christmas shopping. But she says, Serco wouldn't go for it.

Another former employee Lavonne Takatz explains why she says that is.

"They would want you to come in if you could because they got paid. With you being in your seat. It was called the hot seat. That's what we all nicknamed it," said Takatz.

She says if the worker didn't show up, Serco didn't get paid it's part of the $1.2 billion government contract. Your tax dollars.

I reached out to Serco today with specific questions and never heard back, but in a prepared statement yesterday, the company says it's processed more than one million documents and made nearly one and a half million calls.


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