Godfrey considers marijuana farm

GODFREY, Ill. - Someone is interested in buying land in the Village of Godfrey, Illinois to start a medical marijuana cultivation center. But he wants to know if the community would welcome him before he buys.

While in Godfrey Monday, NewsChannel 5 found out that feelings about medical marijuana possibly being grown there are mixed.

"As far as my thinking on the medical marijuana, it has its good thoughts. But then I think there's some negative stuff there too," said Mayor Mike McCormick.

A realtor came to Mayor McCormick's office recently about a client interested in buying land here that in hopes of building one of 22 medical marijuana cultivation centers that will be initially allowed statewide.

"I knew somebody eventually would be wanting to grow the product, and I never thought it would come to Godfrey," he said.

"I would not like to see it in any community in our country," said Beverly Roberts.

Roberts owns Cleta's Health Foods Store.

"I don't think it can be safely contained," she said.

She says medicating pain with weed is not the way to go.

"We can justify a lot of things, but justifying an illegal drug, I don't believe is the answer to our problems. I think it can be taken care of other routes," Roberts said.

The mayor says he's trying to see what's in it for his residents.

"The state of Illinois has passed a state law that it's going to be prescribed medically and it's going to be controlled like a prescription drug, which on the other hand brings no taxes back to the village. So it's not a benefit in that way to the village of Godfrey," McCormick said.

He says he doesn't believe they can pass an ordinance to stop someone from putting a cultivation center here.

"But we could change our zoning to make it where the dispensary or the growers of the medical marijuana...certain zoning which would make it a little bit of control over it," he said.

No applications are being accepted at this time by the state.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to the realtor at the center of this. We spoke briefly, he gave no comment and said he'd call back. He hadn't called back as of the time this story aired.


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