Grand jury could hear evidence through October

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said during an interview with Big 550 KTRS Wednesday morning that Gov. Jay Nixon needs to make a decision about whether he will remain on the Mike Brown case.

Over the weekend Nixon declared a state of emergency in Ferguson, which gives him the authority to remove McCulloch from the case if he chooses.

Protesters have called for the removal of McCulloch from the case, and want an independent investigator.

When McGraw Milhaven asked Nixon on Saturday if he would remove McCulloch from the case, Nixon said his focus is on security. Since then, Nixon has said the decision to remove McCulloch is up to McCulloch himself.

"It's the typical Nixon double speak," said McCulloch. "The bottom line is this, and let me go through it. I've said before I have absolutely no intention of walking away from the duties and responsibilities entrusted in me by the people of this community. I've done it for 24 years. I've done, if I say so myself, a very good job at that, and fair and impartial in every matter that before us."

McCulloch went on to say Nixon needs to make a firm decision, and announce he's either on the case or he's off.

Milhaven: "The grand jury starts today. Do you think by not answering that question he undermines the grand jury process and your process?"

McCulloch: "Well, he undermines everything. And uh, he undermines everything except the cupboard he's strapped or pulled over his head, and that's his sole purpose in this."

Protesters marched in Clayton Tuesday, calling for McCulloch's resignation, and they returned Wednesday morning.

"Anyone who wants me off the case needs to call the governor and express their opinion to him," said McCulloch. "I want to be able to go about my job, to do what I can to bring as much evidence and bring the truth out on this case. The Brown family deserves that. The community deserves that."

The grand jury started looking at evidence in the Brown case on Wednesday. McCulloch estimates it could take the grand jurors until mid-October to determine if there should be an indictment. This grand jury session is slated to end in September, but they will be granted an extension for this specific case.

"We will be presenting absolutely everything to this grand jury," said McCulloch. "Absolutely nothing will be left out."

NewsChannel 5's Ryan Dean also spoke with McCulloch Wednesday morning about how some people say he shouldn't be on the case because nearly 50 years ago his father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. McCulloch said he was 12-years-old when his dad was killed, and he never thought of his dad as the police officer, only as his dad, so he feels like he can relate to the families of victims, and understands the pain the Brown family is going through.

McCulloch also told Dean he will not release any information about the makeup of the grand jury, or the evidence presented to them.

Listen to the entire KTRS interview below.


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