Hey Heidi: What do the KSDK anchors use iPads for?

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It is rare these days to see someone without their smart phone or tablet, and we're guilty as well.

As a matter of fact, the NewsChannel 5 anchors rarely go anywhere during a newscast without an iPad, but they're not playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

"It plays with my head, but I don't play games with it. Pat, that's another story," Jennifer Blome points out.

"I have played around with like games, but they tend to crash the whole thing," Pat McGonigle said.

So now it's more of a tool than a toy.

"We're scrolling through scripts, we're checking the rundown," Nichole Berlie explains.

But it can be a bit temperamental.

"Every half hour, the show is a different rundown," Blome said in discussing the lists of stories that appear on the iPad.

"So every half hour, we have to switch to another rundown and they take awhile to come up. So we say, 'The next half hour of Today in St. Louis starts now,' and it does, but the iPad doesn't," Blome said.

They also use them to look ahead and give upcoming stories the once over and occasionally they use it to learn more about a certain story.

"There was a story with a church I wasn't sure on the pronunciation, so I just flipped over to another tab and Googled the church, and I called at like 5 a.m. hoping to get the voicemail so I could hear the recording, but I actually woke up a priest at 5 a.m., I'm very sorry father," McGonigle said.

But mainly the iPads just replace paper. They're not reading emails, tweeting or posting on Facebook.

"That's why I have my phone," Berlie says.


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