Hey Heidi: What's the history Geoffrey Seitz violin maker store?

ST. LOUIS - His name hangs over the door, his many talents can be heard just inside it. Geoffrey Seitz has been playing music since he was 8.

"Started out playing the drums, I also played piano and guitar," Seitz said.

But his passion is plucked by an instrument that's been around since the 1500s.

"The first known kind of existing violin was made around 1530 by a guy named Andre Andrea Amati," Seitz said.

Seitz started carving out his niche here on Loughborough in 1987.

"We build violins, violas and cellos from scratch. We only use two power tools, everything else is all by hand totally so it's slow moving process," he said.

Each instrument takes between 3-400 hours, probably the same amount of time it would take to see everything in here.

"This is called a melody stick, it was made it Germany probably early 20th century," Seitz said pulling a strange looking instrument from a closet.

There's a bow that was made around 1790, a homemade violin case and a gallery of St. Louis violin makers.

"We're kind of string instrument nuts in here," he added.

All of which makes this more than a store or workshop, it's a bit of a hidden treasure where they don't fiddle around.


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