High school graduates recreate kindergarten photo

MADISON COUNTY, Ill. (KSDK) - Sporting the T-shirt of the college they'll attend in the fall, high school students pose for a senior photo like no other.

These soon-to-be college freshmen have a common bond: The majority of them have been in school together since kindergarten, some even before that.

Alan Bonk said, "Pretty unique to just go to high school and run into people in the hallways and to know them, and to have known them, since preschool."

Now that they've finished their last day of high school, they wanted to relive their first day of school. So, they traveled back in time to St. Boniface Catholic School in Edwardsville, where they all attended, to recreate a photo from way back in 2001.

Abbey Rasche said, "One last picture."

"Last hurrah," Bonk said.

"It's like, 'Oh, these people are going away,'" said Nick Papajcik.

A bittersweet moment for these teens who've spent more than half their life together.

After St. Boniface, most went to Edwardsville High School, while some attended other area high schools.

But they've remained close ever since those hair bows and broken arms.

Rasche said, "I could not imagine high school or even grade school without them."

As for the photo, it was her mother's idea.

"She always wants to get pictures."

But they all agreed. Even standing in the same order they did 13 years ago. While moms stood by, documenting every fleeting moment.

Those steps didn't shrink and those chairs didn't get smaller. These cute kindergartners are all grown up and about to start the next chapter, with everybody in their St. Boniface kindergarten class attending college in the fall.


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