Human bones found at Chesterfield building site

While the archaeological investigation is ongoing, security is on site to keep people out.

CHESTERFIELD, MO. - The discovery of human remains has launched an archaeological investigation at a Chesterfield home-building site.

There will soon be digging on the plot of land just off Wild Horse Creek Drive and Deep Forest, but it will be done by archaeologists, not contractors.  It’s all thanks to two bones discovered here earlier this week.

According to Chesterfield City Administrator Mike Geisel, the human remains were discovered by some residents who were scouring the homebuilding site for arrowheads. They immediately called police. Then, the St. Louis County forensic anthropologist determined the bones were likely centuries old, Native American.

Photos: Bones found at Chesterfield building site

It’s an intriguing discovery, but not necessarily a surprising one. Due to its key riverfront location, historians say Chesterfield was once a Native American trading hub. 

“We know that there are several archaeological sites defined throughout Chesterfield," Geisel said. "In fact, when we built city hall, we uncovered some arrow heads and some things. So no telling what you’ll find if you dig a little bit.”

He said they notify the State Historic Preservation Officer if a development comes in and they’re in the vicinity of one of those finds.

"We notify the State Historic Preservation Officer and the archaeological folks, and they do some early investigations, so they can clear the site before the actual construction goes," he said. "We try not to destroy any of those historical remnants.”

While the archaeological investigation unfolds, around the clock security is now in place, to ensure no one sets foot on the property.  According to state law, construction could be stalled for a month, at most.


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