Newborn found in dumpster

JACKSONVILLE, Ill.(KSDK) - A person throwing out the garbage finds a newborn lying in a dumpster. Now, police are looking for the mother to and say the baby is doing just fine.

It's happening in Jacksonville, Illinois, that's about 90 miles north of St. Louis.

Police are desperately trying to track down the new mother because they believe she hasn't had any medical attention.

Jacksonville police say they can't reveal the gender or race of the baby, or exactly where it was found. They're hoping to first talk to the parents.

"It will give you goose bumps when you think about it and if you've been involved personally," says police Lieutenant Chris Johnson. He believes in his 19 years of serving, this is a first.

Just after 8:00 Saturday morning in Jacksonville's 300 block of West Lafayette avenue, a person throwing garbage into a dumpster saw something move.

"We've determined that it was within 12 hour window of when the baby was actually delivered," says Lt. Johnson.

The child was rushed to the emergency room and is said to be in good condition.

Police believe the child was placed in the dumpster sometime after dark Friday night.

"I could have been here when it happened, or the person could've walked by here," says Elise Scott, she works at an ice cream shop nearby.

She says she's happy the child was found before the temperature hit the upper 80's on Saturday.

"It was hot, it was so hot, I'm just so glad that the baby was found and that it was healthy," says Scott.

Lieutenant Johnson says they have some surveillance video they are still checking on, but so far no sign of the mother.

"We've gone door to door in about a two or three block radius of the scene every lead and tip has gone cold," he says.

In Illinois a person can drop off a child at a fire or police station as a safe haven, no questions asked.

The lieutenant says the child was found 150 yards from the police station.

"Every one of these officers that have been involved, they've offered to adopt the baby so we've taken it that much to heart," says Lt. Johnson.

Police tell me Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has already placed the child with a family.

As for criminal charges, that will be up the state's attorney when and if the parents are found.


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