Town sets curfew to stop vandalism and catch vandals

EVANSVILLE, Ill. - Teenagers caused $2,000 worth of damage to a small Illinois town. Now the police chief hopes a mandatory curfew will help catch those responsible.

The vandalism happened earlier this month in Evansville, Illinois that's in Randolph county.

The population in that village is only about 800 and the police department consists of a chief and one other officer, both part time.

In order to put a stop to the vandalism and catch the criminals they set a curfew, not knowing what else to do.

"We've imposed the curfew to let them know that we mean business," says Chief Glenn Simmons.

Chief Simmons says the crime of choice in his village is vandalism, and he says normally it's teenagers.

This time he says the criminals did thousands of dollars of damage tearing down street signs and bending others.

"Our ambulances come into town looking for an address well we can't find the street sign," he says.

The chief says most of the signs were recovered at the scene, but they still don't have a suspect.

So here comes the curfew, which will be seven days a week. At 8PM minors 17 and under have to be off the streets.

Father of two, Gary Mcmillan agrees with the decision.

"We don't have video cameras on every block like they got in the city so their hands are tied until they find somebody," says Mcmillan

Twelve year old Emily Duvall doesn't have an opinion about the curfew, but the crime itself!

"What they did is useless I know that they get bored because this is a little town but they don't have the right to do that," she says.

Chief Simmons says he didn't want to have to set a curfew, but he says he had no choice!

He says it's not that easy in his village to just step up patrols.

"How do you step up when you got just two people," says the chief.

The curfew that begins Wednesday night will continue until they catch the teens redponsible for the vandalism.

The chief says the did speak with two teenagers earlier this week that may be involved.

Taxpayers in Evansville may have to foot the damage bill of $2,000, if the suspects aren't caught.


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