Jennings homeowners complain about basement flooding

JENNINGS, Mo. - Days of heavy rains left a mess in some homes in Jennings. Several homes had significant amounts of water in the basement.

One homeowner says it's an every-storm thing and something needs to be done about it. A tiny opening under the garage door is just one of the places water makes its way into Delores Cademy's home. She says the sewage system is to blame. But the people who run the system say it's her problem not theirs.

"The last two days when it rained constantly, my entire basement water came through," said Cademy.

She tells us her basement floods every time there's heavy rain.

"I've lived here 19 years and I've had numerous contractors in and out to resolve this water issue problem. They told me a sump pump. So I had a sump pump put in all the way across the back of the house. That still does not clear the issue," she said.

She's spent thousands on repairs to drywall, and even had her driveway replaced in hopes of fixing the problem. She called the Metropolitan Sewer District and the City of Jennings, but says both told her it's not their problem.

"I've exhausted every avenue I possibly can to rectify the problem," said Cademy.

"It's not a fault of the public sewer system. It's the way the home was built. In Ms. Cademy's case, we visited with her last year, identified extensive repairs she needs to make to the plumbing. Unfortunately it's up to her to make those repairs because it is her private property," said MSD spokesperson Lance LeComb.

Her drainage system is connected to the public sewer pipe, which was only designed for wastewater, not to handle both wastewater and storm water. MSD says she needs to disconnect what they call downspouts and connect them to the storm water pipe.

"It certainly is expensive, and nobody's downplaying that. Unfortunately it's a buyer beware situation," said LeComb. "We all need to go into buying a home with our eyes open about the various characteristics of the home. In this case with the plumbing. Just like you would want to make sure the roof is up to code, you'd want to make sure the plumbing is up to code."

The Jennings director of Public Works never returned our call Friday.

LeComb says MSD works with the EPA to fix flooding issues for qualifying homeowners. He tells us they're looking into whether they can help Delores Cademy.


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