Lawsuit alleges landfill radiation has spread

ST. LOUIS COUNTY – There are new allegations in a federal lawsuit that radioactivity has spread beyond the confines of the West Lake Landfill and into surrounding neighborhoods.

The Environmental Protection Agency says the radioactive nuclear waste at West Lake is still contained inside the boundaries of the landfill. But the attorney who filed the suit tells NewsChannel 5 he believes he'll be able to prove otherwise.

This is a story we've followed for several months. Nuclear waste was buried in West Lake back in the 1970s. The lawsuit claims radioactivity is spreading as far as three miles away, but the attorney who filed the suit won't say how he plans to prove it, at least not yet.

Also on Friday, the Missouri Coalition for the Environment came out and said it's conducting its own radiation testing around West Lake. The organization says it's not affiliated with the lawsuit, rather, doing the testing neighbors want and the EPA won't.

"The Environmental Protection Agency has shown no interest in testing for radioactivity outside the boundaries of the West Lake Landfill. Nor has it shown any interest in testing the entire West Lake Landfill, for that matter, to try and get a better idea of where all the radioactive material is," said Ed Smith, a spokesperson for the MCE.

Smith says it's too soon to discuss any results of MCE's testing.

Again, the EPA is still says the site is still safe.


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