Local politician on slurs: I'd do it again

WHITE HALL, Ill. - A candidate for sheriff is standing by the derogatory remarks he made to an officer. NewsChannel 5 obtained a recording of those remarks, which the candidate made during a traffic stop earlier this month.

The traffic stop happened on US 67 where the speed limit drops down to 35 mph in White Hall. One of the city's police officers says he clocked a driver going 46 mph. He pulled that person over, and that's when the derogatory remarks began.

They started after the driver, Greene County Board Member Luke Lamb asked the Officer whether his name was Josh Burton. After that he said, in part, the following. We have used asterisks to replace profanity.

"Are you the same one that su**** *** ****?" said Lamb. "You were su***** his ****."

The police report from the stop states Lamb made the "ridiculously false claims" as Officer Burton tried explaining his ticket. Lamb says he never meant for the recording to get out. But now that it has, the outspoken candidate for sheriff is not apologizing.

"If I could do it all over again, I'd have done the same exact thing that I did," said Lamb.

In the recording, Lamb also uses a derogatory term about homosexuality, but he says the exchange was not about that.

"I don't judge anybody by their lifestyle," said Lamb.

But he says he has an issue with Burton.

"The problem I have with the officer is his past behavior and his public past behavior," said Lamb.

Both Lamb and Burton agree, they do not know each other.

"I do not know him personally, at all. The fact is Mr. Lamb was traveling 11 miles per hour over the speed limit."

And Burton's department is standing firmly behind him.

"We always try to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and that's exactly what Josh did in this case," said White Hall Police Chief Jack Wallis.

"We're trained to always remain calm, handle the situation, and just continue on in a calm fashion," said Lamb.

Lamb tells us he did not contest the ticket, and has paid the fine.

Luke Lamb police report


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