Looters force beauty supply store to close

Ferguson, Mo. (KSDK) -- The surreal experience of watching looting and vandalism on live television is exacting a very real price for local businesses in Ferguson. Instead of preparing for a day of business with customers, the owners and employees of a Ferguson beauty supply store are now cleaning up, boarding up and preparing to close, at least temporarily.

Benny Billups does small maintenance repairs for the owners of the Feel Beauty Supply store. He said looters entered by shattering a glass door and ransacked the store. "They tried to get into the cash register, stole hair items and some jewelry, said Billups. "I'm just frustrated because these people are not understanding how this affects others when they come with this foolishness. There was a tragedy, yes, but this not how you deal with a tragedy."

The store had been closed earlier this week following the initial unrest spurred by the death of 18 year old Michael Brown, a black teenager, at the hands of a white police officer. The store reopened Thursday,

The employees on the scene said their jobs at Feel are mostly part time, but are an important part of their income. They say the damage will require the store to close, for now. "I'm crushed," said one store employee. "This is my living! I have to take care of my family. This is not good. It's not fair. People are not looking at this as a positive thing, they're looking at it as a rage, and it's not about raging. Raging gets you nowhere."

Tanya Littleton is the manager of Feel, she said the store will have to shut down. "It's not worth it," said Littleton. "Right now our safety is more important than anything.' Littleton doesn't know if Feel Beauty Supply will ever open again. She says the owners are scared for their lives and simply want out.


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