Lost class ring found after 30 years

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. - It's a lost and found story that covers many miles and three decades.

Edwardsville resident Jim Seubert owns a cleaning and restoration company in south St. Louis. He's helped victims of the Joplin tornado, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy, so he knows a little about what it's like to lose prized possessions.

In Seubert's case, he recovered a special ring, given to him by his father, even though it took awhile.

Seubert just had his 49th birthday, but his gift – his high school graduation ring – came several weeks ago.

In 1983, Jim Seubert was a student at Bloomington North High School in Indiana, where he was manager of the varsity basketball team. He lost his graduation ring on Daytona Beach during a family vacation.

"And we looked and looked all over the beach," said Seubert.

He figured the ring was gone for good. Until he got a phone call several weeks ago from a woman in New Jersey.

"My mother who lives in Vero Beach found your class ring and she's had it in her jewelry box for all these years," Seubert says Marge Viswat told him.

"It makes me happy to finally get this school ring back to the owner. Enjoy!" Viswat wrote in a letter to Seubert.

If you know Florida geography, Daytona Beach where the ring was lost is 128 miles from Vero Beach where the ring was found. How the ring got from Daytona Beach to Vero Beach remains a mystery, but the timing of the ring's return couldn't have been better.

July 12 is Seubert's 30th high school reunion.

Reporter: "I'm guessing you'll get a lot of mileage out of this story at your reunion."

"I'm sure I will. A lot of people will be a amazed," said Seubert.

An amazing story that has a nice ring to it.

"Never seen anything like this, a ring like this returned after 30 years," said Seubert.

There's another chapter to this story of lost and found. Jim admits he lost the ring a second time in a coat pocket.

"I've been looking for it for two or three weeks and just recently came upon it and thought 'I'm not going to let it go now, I'm going to keep it close by my side,'" said Seubert.

Seubert says he'll probably never know how his ring traveled more than 125 miles along the Florida coast line. He says with waves and currents, anything is possible.


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