Louisiana, Mo. family wants answers after child dies in fire

LOUISIANA, Mo. (KSDK) - For the first time we're hearing from the family of a three-year-old who died in a Louisiana, Missouri fire. The child's dad tried to save his son from the burning home but police used a Taser on him when he tried to run back inside.

The boy's aunt, Rachael Edwards, says her brother, the child's father, is now constantly asking the question "What if?"

She says her brother believes his son would still be alive if he'd been allowed to get inside his house.

"Riley was his world," Edwards said.

On Halloween, Ryan Miller's three-year-old son, Riley, was killed when flames trapped him in his room. Ryan and his wife managed to escape through the back door but not before trying to get Riley. Officials said the smoke was too overwhelming, so Ryan tried to get back in through the front of the home, even though firefighters told him it was too dangerous.

"They are mad and disgusted with the way things were handled, as we all are," Edwards said.

Officials said police tried to restrain him but Ryan would not cooperate; an officer ultimately had to use a Taser to restrain him.

"Three times he was tased. It makes us sick to our stomach disgusted," Edwards said.

Louisiana firefighters aren't talking; however, the city administrator said he's currently investigating if the fire and police departments acted appropriately. He also requested help from an outside agency to contribute to the investigation. The city administrator said the police officer who used the Taser on Ryan Miller remains on active duty, a fact the family cannot believe.

"I feel like the city should at least take responsibility by placing him on leave," Edwards said.

At present, the Millers are staying with family members in Louisiana, but likely won't be staying there long.

"There's just too many bad things that happened with the situation that I don't think they would want daily reminders of and I can't blame them," said Edwards.


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