Mascoutah gets dubious distinction in snow storm

MASCOUTAH, Ill. - Like everywhere around St. Louis, there was a lot of snow shoveling going on Monday in Mascoutah, Ill., but maybe a little more so.

The small St. Clair County town is on the map this storm with the most recorded snowfall in the Metro, totaling 15 inches. It's the heaviest snowfall the chief of police can remember in about three decades.

With negative temperatures, melting isn't much of an option, so Monday is about shoveling and blowing and piling the snow.

The streets in the community of about 7,500 are in decent shape but still slick in spots. Plows are having to make repeated rounds. The people here have a good attitude about it all, seeing the good with the bad.

"Good that we can get some down time in the house with our families and bad that we all have to come out and shovel it up dig ourselves out of it," said Mascoutah resident Kimberly Smith.

With all this snow, it's been relatively uneventful. No major accidents, medical emergencies fires or other problems associated with the snow.


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