Mayor impeached, runs for re-election, wins, breaks law

WELLSTON, Mo. (KSDK) - A small town mayor is back in office after being kicked out of office just last month.

Now the city is taking her to court because she's breaking the law.

A council member explains that an ordinance was recently passed and it says, if you are impeached, you cannot hold office in the City of Wellston.

Some say the administration in the City of Wellston is in limbo right now.

Mayor Linda Whitfield was impeached, two weeks later she ran for re-election and won!

Problem is, that's illegal, breaking a new law that says once impeached, you can never hold office again.

"My plate is extremely full, just trying to divorce myself from it and also at such time as it directly involves myself or the member of the police department," says Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker.

He says all this tension at city hall impacts his department.

"I've made up my mind and I am going to do what I feel is best, what's in the best interest of the city of Wellston regardless of what the ramifications are, I will just deal with them if they should come," he said.

The city council impeached Whitfield after she was accused of increasing her salary, hing employees and spending money without council approval.

Chief Walker says she has tried firing him multiple times, and he's afraid she'll try it again.

"There have been some rumors that there may be mass terminations, but I would hope that nothing of that nature would occur," he says.

The chief tells us that could severely damage some ongoing investigations, but the chief says the council would have to approve any firings.

We reached out to Whitfield, called her and went to her house, no answer.

We talked to several council members on the phone who did not want to talk on camera until the court date.

That's being held May 7 and it will determine if the she's violating the new city ordinance.


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