Navigating traffic at Fair St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The first night of Fair St. Louis in its temporary location at Forest Park drew decent crowds inside, but how were the roads getting there?

NewsChannel 5 had crews out and about Forest Park throughout the afternoon and didn't run into a lot of traffic, but did see a lot of people walking. You have to walk if you park outside or inside of Forest Park, but for the younger crowd that's not what's important – it's the show!

"The colors they make and the shapes they can do," says Kyra Rimstidt, who's visiting from Illinois with her family.

"Being out of state for the second time," that's what's exciting to her sister Kiara Sanchez.

For grandma and grandpa, it was a debate: to pay or not to pay.

"I would have done the $30, not so cool about it," says Valerie Rimstidt, eyeing her husband.

She says the extra $30 for premium parking closer to the festivities just wasn't in the plan.

"It would have been less walking I think, now I am fine, but after I think everything is over with I will be like...ah! I should have done the $30 parking," says Rimstidt.

Rachelle Mitchener had the dame thought and did pay $30 to park inside park.

"We were confused with parking, but everyone we stopped and asked was nice," says Mitchener.

Heading to Forest Park from Washington, Missouri Mitchener was worried about traffic.

"I had to work late so we thought it was going to be a lot of cars in here," she says.

When they got to the parking lot around 6 p.m., they didn't have an issue finding a spot.

The traffic on the roads getting to Forest Park also not bad.

A couple of important traffic notes for those of you taking Interstate 64 to Fair St. Louis.

If you're headed westbound, both the Hampton and Skinker exits are closed and will stay closed for the rest of the holiday weekend.

Also, the Missouri Department of Transportation says if traffic levels get too high, they may close other exit ramps, including McCausland and Kingshighway, both eastbound and westbound lanes.


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