Neighbors: 'Whole ecosystem' is growing in pool

KSDK - The tarp covering the pool is full of leaves and debris. But it's what's under the tarp that is making neighbors so nervous.

"We've had an infestation of mosquitoes, we've had mice, snake problems, just had a mommy possum with babies on her back. It's like a whole ecosystem of animal and critters and a ton of frogs," Christy Parks said.

She said the problem is going on five years. She said the woman who owned the home left it untreated for years. She said the woman left the home six months ago.

Five On Your Side learned the home is now in foreclosure. Two different banks own it.

Parks said the city is not responding to the neighbors complaints to clean up the pool.

Five On your Side went to the city to get answers.

"Everytime they've called the city has sent somebody out to investigate the issue, including two weeks ago when the called and the city sent somebody out this morning without a phone call." said Tom Drabelle, spokesman for the City of O'Fallon.

He said city inspectors have been responding to the property on Winslow Court since 2009 for violations of pool not preoprty covered or in disrepair. He said the wildlife the neighbors are seeing is coming from nearby farms and creeks not the pool. An inspector did see tadpoles on Tuesday morning and will cite the banks who own the property to clean it up. They'll have 10 days and will likely have to drain the pool.

The inspector also treated the pool for mosquitoes and the city offered to spray the area for mosquitoes if neighbors ask.


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