Normandy transfers reconsidered in U City

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. - Less than two weeks after the University City School Board voted to no longer accept Normandy transfer students they were wrestling with the issue again Monday night.

The vote to reject the Normandy students was a tie with one board member, Tom Peters, unable to attend. It also came without input from the public and that did not sit well with some residents.

Peters requested Monday's special meeting to have public input and parents on both sides of the issues showed up to speak their minds.

The issue goes back to the state law that says Normandy students can transfer at Normandy's expense because the district is unaccredited. Now that the state has taken over Normandy it currently has no accreditation status so the University City school board voted to send the 80 students who transferred back to Normandy.

The crowd Monday night was just about evenly split on the issue.

Some argued accepting transfer students could hurt University City schools by dragging down test scores. Others against transfers argued the program siphons off the best students from Normandy when they need them the most. Those in favor of continuing to accept transfer students said rejecting them goes against the inclusive values of University City.

After more than two hours of public comment the board voted to study the issue further and possibly re-vote on the issue at the next board meeting scheduled for July 17 at 7 p.m.


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