Pacific sinkhole grows, causes flooding at homes

There are four homes in the area with water damage.

PACIFIC, MO. - Weekend rains made a big problem even bigger in Pacific.

Friday we told you about a huge sinkhole that formed not far from Historic Route 66.

Now, the hole has grown, leading to property damage at nearby homes.

The family in one house on Wisdom Lane woke up Saturday to sewage backup, and a lot of it.

The water line on the garage wall is more than four feet high. The car that was parked in the garage is now waterlogged.

And it's a similar situation for a few neighbors on this street, including Randy Hargis.

“This is a very significant room, absolutely,” Hargis said of a room in his basement that he considers his ‘man cave’.

It has an extensive collection of hunting trophies and collectibles.

“My passion is in this room,” he says.

And his passion has taken a pummeling. Two feet of sewage water came in and what wasn't on the wall was damaged and thrown around.

“Last night, all I could do was sit down and cry,” Hargis said.

All because of sinking earth nearby. The hole, roughly 70 by 50 feet formed Friday, and got bigger after weekend rains.

By Saturday morning, four houses on Hargis' street had flooded.

“It appears to have some connection with the sink hole obviously,” Pacific City Administrator Steve Roth said. 

Roth says he can't say exactly what that connection is until crews can go in and investigate.

He believes a storm sewer pipe that collapsed caused the hole to begin with and a blockage somewhere led to the damage at the homes.

But whether it's the city's, MoDOT's or the water and wastewater company's responsibility, “No one right now can say who's at fault. It's just that simple,” Roth said.

Either way, Hargis hopes it's resolved soon.

“Being prior military, two time purple heart recipient, I need my space to get away. This is my space,” he said.

The city plans to find the source of the backup and have it fixed before more rain, which is projected by Wednesday.

This entire mess could take up to three weeks to repair.


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