Positive inspiration sparked by looting

Ferguson, Mo. (KSDK) -- A new, and positive storyline is emerging Saturday morning, following another night of looting and vandalism at many small businesses in Ferguson. Stories of inspiration.

All morning, St. Louisans have been watching live coverage on every local television station. And they're watching and hearing the stories of those affected by last nights surge in violence. Many are employees and owners of small businesses, telling the tales of what they're finding left behind.

We met Renee, a Ferguson resident, who was watching NewsChannel 5 at 6 a.m. this morning when she had had enough. She got up, grabbed some trash bags and got to work trying to clean up her community. "I saw the stuff that happened overnight. I saw one of my friends on TV so I decided to join her out here, trying to help." Renee and her friend Destiny, who traveled all the way from O'Fallon, Missouri walked up and down West Florissant Avenue picking up garbage and debris left behind after a night of unrest.

We met Matthew, who got up early to help clean up after seeing the mess made near his home. "We definitely need an active presence here in the community, a positive presence to let people know 'we care' what happens in our residence and in our community. We always stick together when times are thick. We want to get out here and show the businesses that we are patronizing them and we are here to help."

We met Zachary and Bobby, two men who had never met till early Saturday morning. Bobby, a skilled handyman was watching NewsChannel 5s Casey Nolen as he spoke with employees of the Feel Beauty Supply, a store that was ransacked by looters overnight. The words of Benny Billups, who does small maintenance repairs for the owners of the store inspired Bobby. "He just made sense. He was broken up and I wanted to help wherever I can."

"I sat at watched all that destruction last night and I want to say to all those people who did that, 'come on all ready,'"said Zachary. "this is the greatest country on the planet....no more of this stuff. No more. Bobby and I didn't want to come out here but because of what you did last night, I get to meet a good guy. But enough already, let the system do what it's going to do."

Both men set to work, for free, boarding up several local businesses that were left exposed and open following last night's looting.


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