Principal raises money for house fire victims

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. - Three fires recently hit three families within the same school district. Now, their community is pulling together to help them get back on their feet.

The principal of Seckman High School in Imperial is now leading the charge.

There was no school Monday Seckman, but instead of coming in to do paperwork like the principal usually does on a snow day, he was out doing some heavy lifting for several of his students.

It's not part of the job description for Don Grimshaw, but he says it's his responsibility.

"I want them to know I care about them, and not just what they do at school," said Grimshaw.

So since Principal Grimshaw has had plenty of snow days to catch up on paperwork, he decided to take a vacation day, then went door to door, offering to shovel driveways, asking for donations in return. The money is to go to the families of three of his students who lost their homes in fires within just a two week period.

"I just keep wishing I'd wake up, and it would be there," said Jamie Jefferson.

Jefferson, her fiance, and her kids have been living with friends and family since their home burned to the ground Friday.

Since they didn't have insurance, Jefferson will be fighting an uphill battle to get back on her feet. It's why relatives, friends, and neighbors have stepped into help her and the other two families facing the same challenges.

And why their high school principal spent an entire snow day shoveling snow.

"I feel like I have a role to educate the kids and they can't learn if they have other needs that are more important," said Grimshaw.

The school is helping raise money for the families. There is also a special fund set up for the family we interviewed.

If you would like to help, call the school district office at 636-296-8000. You can also make a donation to the Jefferson/Martin family through any First State Community Bank.


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