Protesters tried to keep looters out of stores

Ferguson, Mo. (KSDK) -- Ferguson is once again waking up to scenes of lawlessness Saturday morning. Tear gas and looting returned after police and about 200 protesters clashed again overnight in the St. Louis suburb.

Several hundred people congregated on a busy Ferguson street Friday night as protests continued nearly a week after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. It was peaceful until about midnight, when a large crowd broke into the convenience mart that Brown allegedly robbed the day he was killed. The looting continued there for several hours, with looters entering and exiting freely with as many items as they could carry, including the store cash register.

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The looting took place despite the best efforts of some who said they were among the peaceful protesters who marched early in the evening.

Michael Davis was among those who were peacefully protesting when things turned violent. "It was positive. Everything was going fairly well with everyone out here during the day. But as it turned night, it got hectic and things got out of hand in front of the Ferguson Market and Liquor store."

Davis and some others tried to keep the crowds calm, and tried physically to keep the crowd from entering the store.

"We just tried to hold them back and let them know this is not the way it's supposed to be. We shouldn't be doing this. We did everything we could to keep them out of the stores."

Davis said when police arrived and tear gas was dispersed, the crowd got angrier and eventually they broke through his protective line and into the store and the looting began.


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