Rash of motorcycle thefts in St. Charles

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Thieves are taking off with motorcycles in St. Charles. There were several thefts overnight and even one in broad daylight.

In all, four bikes from three apartment complexes, and police say they've seen this before.

It's a good thing Tim Flynn has video and tons of pictures of his Ninja 636 nicknamed 'Dragon" because the bike itself disappeared.

"When I left for work, gone. Didn't hear a thing," said Flynn.

Hid motorcycle was stolen overnight.

"I mean that's just pretty personal. It's pretty close to home," he said.

A few miles away at another apartment complex, Steve Odle's day had a similar start.

"My girlfriend is getting ready to leave, I'm getting my daughter ready to go to daycare. She calls me and says where's your bike? I'm like, what do you mean? She's like, it's gone. I'm like stolen again," said Odle.

That's right, again. Someone stole the very same Suzuki about three months ago from the same spot. Police made arrests and Odle got the bike back, but doesn't know if he'll be so lucky this time.

"It's like the same as when you was a kid getting your bicycle, you know. You get one of those stolen, you know it's the same feeling, it' hurts. It sucks," he said.

"Right now we are leaning towards the same people responsible," said Wilson. "We're leaning to believe that there's several people, at least two that are physically picking up the motorcycles and putting them in either some sort of trailer or pickup truck," said Sgt. Todd Wilson with the St. Charles Police Department.

Investigators say the crooks most likely disassemble the bikes and sell the parts.

"It's pretty rough knowing that it's getting ripped up," said Flynn.

Two bikes were stolen from the Remington Apartment Complex, one overnight and one at around 12 p.m. Thursday.

St. Charles police had a rash of similar motorcycle thefts from apartment complexes in 2012 and 2013. They don't know if the same people then are involved now.


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