Recruiting African-American police officers

FERGUSON, Mo. - It was a week ago when the Ferguson Police Department released the name of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

It wasn't long before St. Louis police sergeant Darren Wilson began receiving non-stop phone calls and texts warning him. The media now refers to him as "the other Darren Wilson." The President of the Ethical Society of Police received hate mail from people mistaking him for the Ferguson officer with the same name.

During his 18 years as a police officer, Sergeant Wilson worked on increasing the number of African-American policemen. He disagrees with the notion that there aren't enough black candidates for police departments to reflect the makeup of their communities.

"We find them all the time, we get them...that is a common response—I've been saying common excuse—that we get all the time," Wilson said.

What needs to change to increase the level of public confidence in law enforcement?

"Diversity. That's the key word…You have to diversify these police departments," he said.

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