School bus driver under investigation

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. - A Franklin County bus driver is under investigation involving a fight on his bus between two students, one autistic.

The bus driver used to be on the route taking kids to and from Murray Elementary School, but he's been yanked off that because the superintendent says he didn't do enough to stop the fight.

Eleven-year-old Ty's life has changed too. His mom is his ride. She says the school banned him from the bus for at least 20 days because of the scuffle he was involved in with another boy.

"I'm not surprised that this happened without some other adult supervision available," said Missy Bruce.

Bruce says her son is autistic. He bit and scratched the other boy. She doesn't condone his behavior, but after viewing a video of the incident from a bus camera she says the bus driver should have stepped in.

"My son at the end of the tape that I did get to view stood up and said could I just walk home," recalled Bruce. "We live 15 miles outside of town. The bus driver just yelled at him to sit in another seat. There was no what happened. What's wrong with you?"

The superintendent says the Missouri Department of Social Services is investigating the incident and the driver for possible neglect. Meanwhile, a school district investigation found no neglect on his part, but decided to discipline the driver, finding he could have handled the situation more effectively.

Bruce says police told her Ty could face a felony assault charge, but authorities later decided against it. She doesn't want the driver to lose his job, but does want change.

"I still feel very strongly that the school really mishandled this and that there should be monitors on the bus," she said.

The bus driver is now only driving for extracurricular activities, where an adult aid is also on board.


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