Should honest boy keep $10,000 he found in Kansas City?

Finder's keepers? Not quite.

A 10-year-old boy who found $10,000 last year in a Kansas City hotel can't keep the cash under a 1930s Missouri law, even though the money has been unclaimed for nearly a year.

Despite the law, the Missouri state treasurer is saying Tyler Schaefer should be able to claim the money, and the Kansas City police chief said he would work with the state to make it happen.

If the owner doesn't come forward after four more years, the money will go to the state treasurer's office to be kept in a trust, reports the Kansas City Star.

"I am sure you and I agree that this boy and his father did the right thing by turning the money over to the Kansas City Police Department," state treasurer Clint Zweifel wrote in a letter to the Kansas City police chief Thursday.

Giving the father and son the money was "the right thing to do," Zweifel wrote.

Zweifel pointed out in his letter that Missouri statute allowed the treasurer's office to accept the money before it's technically considered abandoned.

In order for Tyler and his father, Cody, to have laid claim to the cash, they would have had to take several immediate steps.

Specifically, they would have had to file an affidavit with a state court judge within 10 days of finding it. If no one claimed the money within 40 days, they would have to take out a newspaper ads once a week for three consecutive weeks.

Although they didn't follow the steps outlined in the law, father and son immediately turned in the money to local police officers.

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte said in a tweet Thursday the police would "work with state in an attempt to allow state to return the money. The honest youngster is deserving of the $."

Though it's unclear he and his son will be able to keep ultimately the money, Cody Schaefer, who lives in South Dakota, said he thought they took the appropriate action.

Last year, Cody told The Star, "I didn't come there with $10,000 and I didn't leave with $10,000, so it was a wash."

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