St. Louis reality show premieres on Lifetime

ST. LOUIS - "BAP" stands for Black American Princess or Prince. In other words, an African-American born into an upper middle to upper class family. The creator tells us the show's about a subculture that doesn't get much television time, unless it involves celebrities.

"It is a show about upper middle class black people," said Riccarda Lacey.

Lacey created the show and says the cast is a group of friends, mainly upper middle class, with two cast members who are working their way up.

"Everyone collectively grappling with how to be black and how to be successful in this country. All of the characters face that together," she said.

The cameras follows their successes, relationships, and their conflicts.

"I'm pulling for the show to have a large presence or a lot to talk about when it comes to the issues that affect the black community," said cast member Jason Wilson. "But I also realize you gotta sell."

"If you're going to be on a reality television show, then you can expect shenanigans," added fellow cast member Brandon Williams.

Williams is an attorney, Wilson is a business owner, and Lacey is a TV producer. Part of the show was shot right inside Brandon's home.

"It just looked like another reality TV show to me," said Andrea Hayes.

Hayes is an educator. She watched the trailers and says it's a good idea, but fears it'll set a bad example.

"Being a teacher of middle school students, this is just another show for them to talk about. And they're not going to talk about anything else other than the fight that they had on the television," Hayes said.

"Everybody may not necessarily get along all the time, people have varied professions, but it's like a commonality in terms of how we relate to each other. We've had a similar experience," Lacey added.

"It's reality TV," Williams said. "You can't come to reality TV expecting a documentary on the case for Reparations."

BAPs airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. The network has ordered six episodes.


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